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Airbnb Description Tips

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Easy to Consume

A great Airbnb description makes full use of the available structure and formatting options.  Use bullets with short sentences and formatting emphasize certain points.

So use ALL CAPS headers to clearly separate different sections. Utilize special characters for bullets such as * or +.

  The key is to chunk it up so it’s easy to go through.  Don’t make a potential guests first experience with you a stressful or frustrating one.

But Still Specific

"Room" has TV doesn’t quite do as much as " "55" Sony HDTV w/ Complimentary Netflix".

 But only add details if has value to a potential guest.

Irrelevant details on your Airbnb description take up space and could distract a guest from getting the information he’s looking for.

Describes Experience

If your listing has a unique amenity, don’t just list it, make sure you highlight the guest experience as well.

 What could your guest DO with it?  Instead of "Complimentary Coffee" go with "French Press Premium Kona Coffee in the Morning".

Avoids Pain

In addition to highlighting all ways a guest could enjoy a pleasurable experience, a great Airbnb description also makes sure to cover the items that help guests avoid their biggest pain points.

 “Equipped with air conditioning ” or “washer/dryer included” are two common ones for Cancun.

 What are the biggest pain points for your guests?  Make sure to highlight your unit’s remedies in your Airbnb description.

But no matter how good your Airbnb description is, your photos matter more.   Here are some ways to make awesome photos.


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