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Bathroom and bed linen management

Complete the cleaning with our laundry service

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What is include in the WeConcierge laundry service ?

WeConcierge take care of  the collecting, cleaning, drying and folding of the laundry. The laundry set is made of :

One duvet cover, one fitted sheet, two pillowcases.

Two larges bath towels, one bathmat towel, one kitchen towel.

How does it work ?

This is an option of the cleaning service and can not be choose by itself.

At the time of the cleaning, the concierge will take back the used linen to our location where we will clean, dry and fold it.


For this reason, we advice our host to have two sets of linens so we can do the beds during the housekeeping.

Your laundry will be ready within 24h.

You can then come grab it at your convenience at our location or we can hold it for free until the next turn over.

We also propose the rental of hotel quality linen.

Don't hesitate to mail or call us if you wish more information.

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