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Frequently asked questions


The Answers You Need


How do you get my keys ?

There is a few way we can manage the keys.

  1. You can at the first appointment give a double ( in fact, we ask you two, one for the guests and one for us in case the guests lost them or lock themselves out ). We keep them securely in our offices. Free of charge.

  2. You can let the keys to a third party ( neighbor, family, friend ) who lives nearby. We  will ask them for it when needed. Free of charge.

  3. You can keep them with you. We will come take them where you are. Extra charge.

How to book a check-in ?

We kindly ask our host to let us know three days before the stay so we can organize things smoothly. If you have an emergency, please give us a call. We like also to meet you before your first check-in so you can show us your place and we can provide your guests a greater experience. We highly recommend that you give us your guest's phone number so we can contact with and avoid any surprises.

How to book a check-out ?

According to the preferred departure time of your tenants, we recommend that you plan the check-out with us twenty minutes prior. So we can make an inventory of all your place to alert you in case of any damage, discuss their stay ( for you to share ) and collect the keys to your accommodation.


The Answers You Need


Who is cleaning my place ?

We have our own cleaning service. A fully trusted team of experienced cleaning ladies covered by our assurance. So you know the job gets well done.

What does the cleaning option includes

Weconcierge cleaning option includes :

  • Dusting furniture and flat surface

  • disinfecting floors throughout the apartment , the kitchen (oven, microwave, plates), the bathroom (shower, toilets, sinks).

  • Cleaning the refrigerator.

  • Emptying and replacing trash bags throughout the apartment

Shall we provide the cleaning products ?

Cleaning products are your responsibility especially because you know your home better than anyone else. Just show us where the cleaning products, the rags, the mop, the hoover are so we can make your home fresh and clean. If you ever have a question about cleaning, please ask via our Contact section or ring us at +52 998 890 5648.

What does the linen option include ?

This option includes collecting, washing, drying, folding the used linen and replace them with new ones. We ask you to have two sets available so we can replace the used ones right away and take care of them professionally at our offices. You can come take them back at your convenience 24h later or let them at our office until the next cleaning appointment. You can also rent our hotel-quality linen for a upscale guests experience.

A set of sheets contains 2 pillow cases, 1 duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet, 2 bath towels, 1 bath mat and 1 dishcloth.

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