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All about Airbnb check-out

Manage your guest's departure in Cancun with our Airbnb check-out

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How does it work ? What do we do ?


  • WeConcierge makes contact with your guests


  • Concierge available 24/7


  • Collection of the keys


  • Checking the overall condition of the location

  • Securing the location (closing the windows, locking the doors,...)

  • Friendly thanks and smilingly greets to your guests


  • Free safekeeping of your keys

  • Feed back from our concierge about your guest's departure

Do you Need help for the Check-out of your Airbnb Guest in Cancun ?

If you can not be there at the time of your guest departure.

Don’t ask them to just let the keys inside and shut the door behind. It happens more than often that they forgot something inside. They will then call you and you’ll have to come over or risk a bad review.

Don’t put neither yourself at risk by asking them to leave the keys outside the house in a “secret” place. Someone might notice and take advantage of it.

You can instead book a check-out with us, it is safe, easy and convenient.





We meet your guest at your place before their departure and take the keys back.

We make an inventory of the house or apartment and check for any damages. If anything seems wrong, we will let you know right away.

Before leaving we will also make sure your place is safe, windows closed; air conditioning, coffee machine, oven turned off.

We lock the door.

At Weconcierge, we think that in-person greeting is important, it shows to your guest that you care about them. It is the last occasion to thanks them for having chosen your place.


It is also a good opportunity to ask about their stay. We will wish them good continuation and that we hope to see them back.

They will for sure appreciate, and it will bring you better reviews.

Book an Airbnb Check-out in the Cancun Area with WeConcierge!

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