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5 mistakes not to make in your Airbnb ad


Do you want to put a property for rent on a platform such as Airbnb or Booking? Now is the time to create your ad. Only here, a small error can quickly dissuade or influence the choice of travelers. Today, your property manager shares its expertise in vacation rentals by offering you a summary of the errors to avoid in your ad.

1) Neglecting the photos quality 

   If no special attention is paid to the visual aspect of your ad, this will be felt immediately.

Yes, your descriptive text can be written to perfection, a beautiful first photo is what will, in the first place, attract travelers during their search and encourage them to click to discover the entirety of the listing.

   Blurry photos, poor quality photos and lack of light should be avoided. And portrait mode is also prohibited!

The competition is such that you cannot afford to overlook this point. The rule is simple: you have to make anyone who sees your ad want to stay with you. To do this, your property must therefore be neatly arranged and arranged before taking these photos.

Choose a sunny day, make the beds as if holidaymakers arrive the same day, minimize the presence of personal items in the accommodation and do not hesitate to vary the angles in the same room.

Also highlight every single aspect of your rental. A playroom for children? Photograph it. A garden furniture? show it off. Do you offer breakfast to your hosts? Include a photo of a well-stocked table in your ad. Adapt to the audience you receive and the services you offer.

   Another piece of advice: do not hesitate to take a photo of the front of the accommodation, as well as the view. This will help future travelers to project themselves but also to find their bearings once they arrive on the scene.

2) Rush the writing of the description

   As with photos, care should be taken over the text content of your ad.

A catchy title that stands out compared to the surrounding rentals, a total absence of spelling mistakes and you're already well on your way!


   The goal is actually to be as comprehensive as possible while remaining concise. To achieve this without too much difficulty, simply put yourself in the place of travelers and understand any questions they may have about your rental. Be specific about the number of beds, the surface area of ​​the accommodation and clearly indicate what is available to guests (towels, parking space, coffee, shower gel, etc.). The fewer questions there are, the more reservations there will be!

   Besides the presentation of the accommodation and its equipment, guests are also very fond of suggestions (restaurants, museums, markets, parks, lakes, viewpoints, etc.). Again, adapt to the type of audience you usually receive.

3) Hiding the truth

   Is your listing located on the 5th floor in a building with no lift? The only bed in your rental is a convertible sofa? Don't wait for travelers to arrive to mention it. Similarly, do not minimize the distances and do not overestimate the calm of the neighborhood. If the latter is rather lively, just say it.

Yes, if the property you are renting has more negative points than others, it is still advisable to make them appear in your description.

Trying to omit them can sometimes be worse than emphasizing them because it can lead to bad comments after a stay. And these can have negative repercussions on your positioning in search results! When there are too many of them, bad reviews - on Airbnb - cause your listing to pause, which has a direct impact on your reservations.

4) Ignore bad comments

   Once posted by travelers who have stayed with you, comments are part of your ad, whether you like it or not. They define your overall rating and can therefore be crucial for many travelers. Airbnb also places great importance on the responsiveness and response rate of hosts. It is therefore in your interest to respond to each of the comments and to approach the negative remarks with particular attention.

   While remaining diplomatic and empathetic, thank the travelers for taking the time to leave a comment and apologize when any problems occurred during their stay.

Your answers are not only intended to clarify the situation with the authors of these bad reviews, they are also often consulted by future tenants before or not booking accommodation. So also think of them when you write the answers.

5) Not updating your listing

   Finally, your ad must be always up to date. Indeed, it is necessary to change it over time, whether it is based on the advice received, your availability or even elements modified in your accommodation.

   Based on the comments of your previous tenants and the questions they may have before and during their stay, complete the description of the rental. This will make your future travelers less likely to miss information.

   In addition to the description of the accommodation, pay close attention to updating your calendar to avoid cancellations, which are very little appreciated by guests. If you use it too often, cancellations and refusals of reservations can, like bad returns, cause your ad to be deactivated.

Finally, the update also concerns the price! A rate having been established for the high season cannot remain unchanged during the low season. It should therefore be modified in particular according to demand, competition or market developments.

By respecting all these advices, you put all the chances on your side to optimize your rate of filling and to obtain the title of Superhost on Airbnb!

Your property manager WeConcierge takes care of your Airbnb ad

With our comprehensive management offer, we take care of the rental process from A to Z, from booking management to welcoming travelers. So we also take care of creating your ad, distributing it on multiple platforms and responding to all comments left by travelers.

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