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Creating/Improving Your Ad

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We are your entire disposal to help and assist you with your ad so it will be more catchy and create a competitive advantage in order to boost the reservations and the results. Our assistance will be mainly directed toward the pricing strategy, photos as well as the description of your apartment.

  • We organize a photoshoot with an Airbnb photographer.

  • We organise a meeting with an Airbnb specialist.

  • We will assist you in the creation and update process of you ad.

  • We will advise you regarding the pricing process.

Detail: FAQ

We will help you to save a very big deal of your time by:

  • Managing the pricing of your listing, with a smart fluctuating prices strategy

  • Selecting guests

  • Organizing communication with guests, from the first contact to the end of their stay.

  • Proceeding with the needed reservations.

  • Scheduling guest’s arrival and departure.

  • Scheduling cleaning service.

  • We will send you a monthly report.

  • You collect your rent.

You can decide to stay in control of any of these tasks. If you didn’t subscribe the “announce creation” service. We will need a first appointment free of charge with you at your place to know how it is.

Professional Cleaning

Because great cleanliness is now a standart for Airbnb rentals.

Detail: FAQ
Detail: FAQ
Detail: FAQ
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