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How to Address a Bad Airbnb Review Effectively

One of the most important factors that Airbnb uses to determine the position of our listing as hosts are reviews.

It has happened to more than one of us that a guest is not satisfied with the rented property and leaves a negative or harmful comment for us.

Here we show you how you can answer:

1.- If the comment falls within the following, you can ask Airbnb to remove it.

* Evaluations that do not represent the personal experience of users or their travel companions.

* Reviews incentivized by a promise to pay, additional services, or a rate discount.

* Evaluations motivated by a threat of blackmail.

2.- If unfortunately the negative comment was due to justified circumstances or not due to us, we must respond cordially and strategically.

Although it is difficult to control our emotion, do not insult guests, always answer in a friendly and intelligent way, explaining your point of view.


If the Guest has complained because the room is too hot, you can start by expressing that you feel sorry that your guest did not have a good stay.

Do not make excuses for things of which you have no control or fault, explain publicly that the temperature during the summer in "Mexico" is normal, and that it is clearly specified in your advertisement that "there is no air conditioning" which is why your price is one of the lowest, always taking advantage to promote your ad.

To finish, you can add that you hope their next stays are better, and show that you are a good host who cares about your guests.

You should not forget to thank them for their comment since it helps you provide feedback and improve.



Public comment:

A lousy night. Unfortunately we never met the host. To begin with, we arrived and there was not a single light on inside or outside the house, everything was completely dark, we even had to see outside the house there were 2 men taking drugs. We entered the house and it was not pleasant at all, we did not even know where the room was, at no time was there anyone to help us at the reception, we called the host and she never answered us. But as if that were not enough, we wanted to go into the bathroom and the smell was horrible because there was someone vomiting in the middle of the toilet, this was terrible. Lastly, the room is very small, has no ventilation and there is no air conditioning.

Public response

Hello "Friend" what a pity what you had to go through to get to our house, however on the page we do not mention that the room has air conditioning that is why we have one of the lowest rates, on the other hand the room has with two fans, you were informed when making the reservation that unfortunately you would have to leave the house, and the number of your room, I had other guests and I couldn't tell you who dirty the bathroom, thank you very much for your comments, they will help us improve.




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